Join us on October 20th for our casual online mixer, and check out the schedule for our online summit happening December 1st!
Thank you to the over 1k attendees from 60 countries that joined us on September 15th. Watch videos from the summit below!
Check out our new hub for the Responsible Tech Guide and join 1k other people Wednesday for the Responsible Tech Summit
Mentorship program, Responsible Tech University Ambassadors, improved job board, and more!
Plus 35 universities in our Responsible Tech University Ambassadors program, recent mixer for the community, recent ASK A MENTOR! event, upcoming works…
+ our Responsible Tech Summit will be happening online on Wed, Sept 15th.
Plus an upcoming ASK THE MENTOR!, our reading group, and so much more.
All Tech Is Human is collaborating with NYU on the upcoming A BETTER TECH: Convention & Career Fair and launching a new ASK A MENTOR! series July 14th
We have a lot of work to do building the Responsible Tech pipeline and would love your help!
We don't just need to think differently. We need to hire differently. That's where All Tech Is Human comes in...
👍Let's build a better tech future by changing those involved in it. We're making the tech industry more diverse, multidisciplinary, and aligned with t…
Our next livestream is Wed, May 19th at 12pm ET on Improving Social Media: Reducing Gender-Based Violence Online