250 Voices in Responsible Tech

Responsible Tech Guide revision for the Fall, upcoming book club meeting, refreshed job board, Coded Bias on PBS and more!

😲“Technology” is not just for technologists.

Our goal here at All Tech Is Human is to build a better tech future by changing the makeup of those involved in it; we deeply believe that since technology affects a broad range of society that a broad range of society deserves to be involved in the process. All tech is human, meaning that it’s the decisions we make as humans that is far more important than the tech. We’re dealing with social problems.

Our aim has been to build out the Responsible Tech pipeline by making it more diverse, multidisciplinary, and aligned with the public interest. That is why we have had such a smorgasbord of people involved across civil society, government, and industry — we have had academics, artists, designers, students, activists, org leaders, attorneys, psychologists, sociologists, social workers, librarians, and everyone in between!

We put together a list of the over 250 individuals we have had involved in All Tech Is Human as speakers, panelists, and interviewees in our reports such as the Responsible Tech Guide and Improving Social Media: The People, Organizations and Ideas for a Better Tech Future! Check it out. And of course there are many more people that we should have involved. If you know of someone who really should be involved with us, let us know at Hello / AllTechIsHuman.org.

250+ Voices in Responsible Tech

👋The Responsible Tech Guide is going through a major revision for the Fall and we need your help.

We released our Guide to Responsible Tech: How to Get Involved & Build a Better Tech Future (aka the Responsible Tech Guide) in September 2020 as a way to provide guidance and pathways for the many new individuals looking to get involved in the ecosystem. The Responsible Tech Guide is quickly becoming the go-to starter resource for college students, grad students, young professionals, and career-changers looking to get more involved in Responsible Tech. The guide helps interested individuals learn about the incredible work being done by organizations, hear from people working in Responsible Tech, learn of the education journeys that others in a similar position have had, and start building greater pathways.

Thank you for all of the incredible support and feedback in growing the Responsible Tech Guide. Now we are looking to building a team of collaborators to work on a revision for the Fall, list additional organizations, conduct more interviews, and make the Responsible Tech Guide better through your suggestions. What organizations should be listed? Who should be interviewed? What information would you like to see in the guide? Let us know here.

Responsible Tech Guide interest form

📚Our Responsible Tech Reading Group will have a meeting to discuss Algorithms of Oppression on March 15th.

Grace Juster and Felicia Chen have been running our new Responsible Tech reading group, which now has over 140 members! The first book being read and discussed is Algorithms of Oppression by Safiya Noble on Monday, March 15th at 11am ET. The reading group is being organized through our Slack group, which now has over 820 people from across the globe talking about Responsible Tech careers, research, events, and building community across disciplines and sectors. Responsible Tech nerds unite!

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💰We have done some major revisions with our Responsible Tech Job Board, which now has over 100 jobs listed.

We are continuing to update the Responsible Tech Job Board weekly, and recently made a overhaul to make scanning through the jobs much easier. Check it out! Our Responsible Tech Job Board is run by Rebekah Tweed (Rebekah / AllTechIsHuman.org), and lists jobs focused on reducing the harms of technology and better aligning it with the public interest.

Are you looking to build your career in Responsible Tech? We recently put together 8 tips to building your career in Responsible Tech. And for continued reading on building your career in Responsible Tech, founder David Ryan Polgar recently penned this article for Built In on where the movement is headed.

👍The film Coded Bias is premiering on PBS on March 22 at 10pm!

Coded Bias is a timely documentary about the threats posed by AI on our civil liberties and democracy, and is a real call-to-action for greater involvement in the political process as it related to technology. All Tech Is Human had an earlier livestream discussion about Coded Bias, with director Shalini Kantayya, noted AI ethics researcher Timnit Gebru, and Meredith Broussard, author of Artificial Unintelligence.

And if you are looking to continue the conversation about ways for creating a more ethical social media future, especially following the release of our report on Improving Social Media, join us for the event below. And if you missed our recent livestream with Claire Wardle and Jasmine McNealy about tackling misinformation, you can watch it HERE and listen to the podcast on The Radical AI Podcast + curated resources!

👋We’re busy building a better tech future. Join us.

-All Tech Is Human | Write us at Hello / AllTechIsHuman.org

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