BIG NEWS: The Responsible Tech Guide is here!

Check out our new hub for the Responsible Tech Guide and join 1k other people Wednesday for the Responsible Tech Summit

🤯Be prepared to have your mind blown. Check out our brand new hub for the Responsible Tech Guide.

Diversity breeds responsible innovation. That has been our guiding principle here at All Tech Is Human, as we set out to build the Responsible Tech pipeline by making it more diverse, multidisciplinary, and aligned with the public interest.

We are extremely excited and proud to be releasing, which we developed in partnership with Artefact. Artefact has been a leader in the Responsible Tech movement, having developed the Tarot Cards of Tech, EthicalOS, and Ethical Explorer. Artefact also hosted our All Tech Is Human: Seattle, a summit we held in May 2019. showcases there is a vibrant community of people across multiple disciplines that are committed to building a better tech future. The hub also features over 245 organizations in Responsible Tech that we have been compiling, and over 85 profile interviews.

🕶️Be prepared. It’s pretty awesome.

245 Responsible Tech organizations

Responsible Tech Guide hub

📖Oh, yeah. We also JUST released a 226-page PDF version of the Responsible Tech Guide.

Summer’s over, get reading! Check out our brand-new updated and expanded Responsible Tech Guide. You can call is the Responsible Tech Guide 2.0 if you want. It’s a major update. Lean into your nerdy self and blaze some pathways into Responsible Tech.

We’re nerds here, so we say that with love. We have been conducting more interviews, learning from our pilot mentorship program, understanding the movement happening in universities through our Responsible Tech University Ambassadors program, digesting what we are hearing on our Slack group. In other words, the Responsible Tech Guide is a much-needed roadmap for how we can co-create a better tech future and bringing in new voices.

Yeah, that’s sounds like a lot. But there are a lot of moving parts to building the Responsible Tech pipeline. The needle is moving…

Download the Responsible Tech Guide

👋Ah, yes. Our Responsible Tech Summit is this Wednesday!

Are you joining us? It’s virtual and it’s free, thanks to our sponsor Avanade. We have an incredible day planned with panels, Responsible Tech personal journeys, organization presentations, and an overview of the ecosystem. And we have also structured the event for lots of time to connect with others from the community! A big thank you to our partner TheBridge.

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😴No sleep till bro-ken tech is fixed,

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