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Upcoming livestream on December 10th, following the release of our Business Case for AI Ethics: Empowering Workers to Be Changemakers. Plus, join our new Slack group!

Okay, we’re quite busy here at All Tech Is Human. We currently have over 80 collaborators across industry, academia, and a diverse range of organizations working on our upcoming Business Case for AI Ethics: Empowering Workers to Be Changemakers. The first draft of our report will be released on December 9th, and we will follow it up with a highly-interactive livestream conversation with guests William Griffin (Chief Ethics Officer at Hypergiant) and Alayna Kennedy (Public Sector Consultant and AI Ethics Researcher at IBM) on Thursday, December 10th at 1pm ET.

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This conversation will be moderated by All Tech Is Human’s David Ryan Polgar and is a part of our regular livestream series with TheBridge. In addition, our partners The Radical AI Podcast will release a follow-up podcast and curated resources as part of our Continue the Conversation series!

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We hosted a conversation recently to celebrate the release of Coded Bias, a film that explores the issues of facial recognition, algorithmic bias, and social media. You can watch the livestream replay above & listen to The Radical AI Podcast and curated resources for our Coded Bias discussion!

“[A]s a design researcher, the aim of creating ethical technologies and systems comes down to being a convenor of stories across a range of perspectives and backgrounds that drive design, with a particular focus on those stories and perspectives that are typically left out of the product and system creation process.” -Gabriel Mugar, Senior Design Researcher at IDEO

READ our new Changemakers interview with Gabriel Mugar, Senior Design Researcher at IDEO, about the role of design in fostering civic trust, and other timely topics.

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Our mission at All Tech Is Human is to build the Responsible Tech pipeline, so our aim is to better connect a broad coalition of technologists, academics, students, designers, ethicists, artists, org leaders and others working toward a better tech future. We’d love for you to join us.

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