Career Fair, Mentorship for Responsible Tech, and more!

All Tech Is Human is collaborating with NYU on the upcoming A BETTER TECH: Convention & Career Fair and launching a new ASK A MENTOR! series July 14th

🚀We are launching ASK A MENTOR!, a new AMA-style conversation to learn from those working in the Responsible Tech field.

🤓Here at All Tech Is Human, we are trying to solve a major problem: there is a large and diverse community of individuals who are looking to for greater understanding about how to build a career in the nascent Responsible Tech space. So for our inaugural ASK A MENTOR!, we have tapped noted AI Ethicist & Data Activist Renée Cummings who is the Data Activist in Residence at the University of Virginia.

This will be a freewheeling 45-minute conversation happening on Wed, July 14th at 1pm EDT to learn directly from someone working in the Responsible Tech field!


🎉The NYU-led A BETTER TECH: Public Interest Technology & Career Fair is happening online on October 14th & 15th!

🕰️Back in February, we announced that we were collaborating with NYU on a large-scale public interest technology career fair; over 115 of you expressed interest in participating. Well, the dates are now set and the website is launched for A BETTER TECH!

👍Mona Sloane & Matt Statler from NYU are leading A Better Tech as grantees from New America's Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN). Right now we are looking for attendees (especially from PIT-UN schools; sign up for the newsletter), presenters (short talks & panels, send over your ideas), recruiters (hire people aligned with the public interest), and sponsors. You can express your interest directly through the new website!


👋Oh, and we now have a private channel on our Slack group from those looking to have the inside scoop about A BETTER TECH and to learn about opportunities to get involved with this important public interest technology career fair. If you would like to join our Slack community of over 1450 people across the globe, you can SIGN UP HERE.

📚And speaking of public interest technology, the next Responsible Tech Reading Group is discussing Power to the People: The Promise of Public Interest Technology on July 29!

And if that wasn’t good enough, authors Tara Dawson McGuinness and Hana Schank will be joining in on the conversation!

REGISTER to join!

🤔What is your motivation for getting involved in the Responsible Tech space?

Also, what is your background? (Technology is not just for technologists, ehem) How has All Tech Is Human affected you? We are seeking submissions for our upcoming Responsible Tech Guide release (new version!) in September.

Let us know!

🙏In our last newsletter we announced a call for volunteers for our summer cohort. We have a group of over 50 that will be starting shortly.

We are perpetually overwhelmed and grateful by the outpouring of support that the Responsible Tech community has shown. As an organization, we lean into a culture of knowledge-sharing and collaboration and are thrilled to always meet such a mix of passionate people from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives that are centered around a common goal: co-creating a tech future that works for all of us.

“Seeing so many people coming together to consider a more responsible future for technology is majorly inspiring.” -Laure Cast, Head of Research at Marco Polo [Portland, OR]

“My own background and environment I'm embedded in focuses, perhaps overly, on ML and AI. Being a part [of the] All Tech Is Human community has enabled me to get to know of people and work from a much broader background and exposed me to diverse perspectives. I very much appreciate this, and the humility and learning opportunities that come with this diversity.” -Subhabrata (Subho) Majumdar, Senior Inventive Scientist, AT&T Data Science and AI Research [NYC]

“ATIH has been an incredible beacon while seeking out like-minded change-makers in the industry to collaborate and share information with. I look forward to taking up and making space within this network in the future.” -Courtney Fanning, CoFounder/CEO SocialXP Network (Nova Scotia, Canada)

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