New Responsible Tech Job Board & Collaboration With NYU on Major Career Fair

All Tech Is Human to expand outreach to universities in order to grow & diversify the Responsible Tech pipeline

🔎All Tech Is Human has launched a Responsible Tech Job Board

Our organization serves as a connective tissue between the diverse range of individuals interested in entering the nascent Responsible Tech space, the universities that are educating the next generation of responsible technologists and changemakers, and industry looking to hire these individuals. We believe that we can build a better tech future by altering those involved in it, ensuring that the Responsible Tech pipeline is diverse, multidisciplinary, and aligned with the public interest.

That’s why we’re excited to launch our new Responsible Tech Job Board! Our Responsible Tech Job Board is being run by Rebekah Tweed, who many of you may know for her incredible community building and curation of the vast amount of jobs and events in the field. If you have a job(s) to tell Rebekah about, you can send her an email at Rebekah /


Also, if you are looking to connect with others building a career in Responsible Tech, join our Slack group! You will also find a new reading group (first book: Algorithms of Oppression by Safiya Noble), discussion about research and events in the space, connecting with others in the ecosystem from across the globe, and more! And if you haven’t read our “Responsible Tech Guide” yet, that is a wonderful resource to learn about the diverse people and organizations involved in the space. We have a ton more we are building to help out with this coming soon!!


🎉All Tech Is Human to collaborate with NYU on a major hybrid event for civic-minded college & grad students looking to work in tech

News! All Tech Is Human will be collaborating with representatives of the Business and Society Program at NYU Stern, the Center for Responsible AI at NYU Tandon, and NYU’s Alliance for Public Interest Technology to help create its inaugural Public Interest Technology Career Fair that will take place in the Fall of 2021. The event is being planned as an exciting blended (physical and digital) gathering that will bring together a diverse range of individuals interested in the nascent field of public interest technology, which is broadly defined as “technology used to serve the public good.”

Right now we are gathering interest for this major event that will likely serve as a template for other universities promoting public interest technology (NYU is part of New America’s Public Interest Technology University Network). We are looking for college students, grad students, faculty, potential sponsors/partners, employers who would like to share openings, media partners, and panelists/moderators!

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🎓 If your college or university would like to join our upcoming University Responsible Tech Pathways Program, let us know.

We are beginning to collect interest for our University Responsible Tech Pathways Program. This program will develop a better line of communication between the universities that are educating the next generation of responsible technologists & changemakers (that are diverse, multidisciplinary, & aligned with the public interest) and organization, which is committed to building a better tech future by growing and diversifying the Responsible Tech pipeline.

📜Next week we are releasing our report, Improving Social Media: The People, Organizations, & Ideas for a Better Tech Future

This report has involved a broad range of 100 collaborators from a wide variety of backgrounds, which is quite intentional. We believe that we need not only a change in tech, but a cultural shift in order to collectively approach difficult issues such as improving social media. We will be presenting our new “grid approach” that takes a holistic lens with social media, examining the role of platforms, users, tech workers, advertisers, news media, policymakers, funders, and the underlying Knowledge Base that informs these nodes. This report will be aimed at policymakers, major tech platforms, and the Responsible Tech ecosystem at large which operates as the underlying Knowledge Base.

If you would like to learn more about this release and can help amplify its readership through news media (articles, podcasts, video interviews) or if your organization has a newsletter that this could be included in, reach out! Email us at Hello / or reach out to David Ryan Polgar (founder & director) at David /

Improving social media is both incredibly important and incredibly thorny

The attack on the US Capitol was a wake-up call that a polluted information ecosystem erodes truth, which is the bedrock of a healthy democracy. Tackling misinformation, however, buts up against difficult issues of power and our values regarding free expression.

Please join us on Thurs, Feb 25th at 1pm ET as we welcome two experts actively working on the complicated issues facing our information ecosystem and our ability to reduce misinformation. We’ll be joined by Dr. Jasmine McNealy (Associate Professor of Telecommunication at the University of Florida, Harvard Berkman Klein Center affiliate, media & law expert) and Dr. Claire Wardle (co-founder and director of First Draft, leading expert on user generated content, verification and misinformation). This is a highly-interactive 45-minute livestream where we aim to work in your questions (some featured on screen). This is part of our monthly livestream series with TheBridge.

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If you believe in our mission to build the Responsible Tech pipeline and make it more diverse, multidisciplinary, and aligned with the public interest, reach out!

We can build a better tech future by changing those involved in it,

-All Tech Is Human | Write us at Hello /

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