Registration open for the Responsible Tech Summit on September 15th!

Plus 35 universities in our Responsible Tech University Ambassadors program, recent mixer for the community, recent ASK A MENTOR! event, upcoming workshop and more.

🎉Registration is now open for our Responsible Tech Summit! Come join us.

Since announcing the planning of the Responsible Tech Summit last month, we have received 200 responses in our INTEREST FORM that have helped inform the development of this all-day gathering! The Responsible Tech Summit is focused on uniting the broad range of individuals committed to reducing the harms of technology, diversifying the tech pipeline, and ensuring that technology is aligned with the public interest. Join us and meet others in the ecosystem! REGISTER HERE.

Some of our speakers include Hessie Jones, Ayodele Odubela, Chris McClean, Tamra Moore, Joe Toscano, Arushi Saxena, Lisa Roman, Malcom Glenn, Richard Whitt, Karina Alexanyan, Cassandra Madison, Jenn Noinaj and many more to be announced in the coming days!

The Responsible Tech Summit will include an overview of the ecosystem and ways to get more involved, four panels (Data Privacy, Responsible AI, Improving Digital Spaces, and The Road Ahead for Responsible Tech), five org presentations, and a significant amount of time for you to be connected with the broad range of individuals committed to building a better tech future! We will also be sharing what we have learned through our mentorship program, summer cohort, Responsible Tech Job Board, working groups, our large Slack community, and recently-launched Responsible Tech University Ambassadors program.

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🤯3 weeks ago we announced a new Responsible Tech University Ambassadors program. Today we have 35 universities represented.

Well, that was quick. We are thrilled to have individuals involved in our Responsible Tech University Ambassadors program coming from Babson College, Brown University, Cornell Tech, Duke University, George Mason University, Georgetown University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Khoury College of Computer Sciences, Northeastern University, Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, NMIMS University , Mumbai, McGill University, Northumbria University, Northwestern, University in Qatar, Paramadina University, Princeton University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Swansea University, Technical University of Munich, The Cooper Union, Tufts University, UC Davis, UMASS Amherst, Universidad Nacional Autônoma de Mexico, University of California, Berkeley, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, University of Luxembourg, University of Michigan, University of Ottawa, University of Sussex, University of Washington, University of Waterloo,
Warsaw University, Yale School of Management (MBA), and Yale University.

🤔 What is our secret sauce in making this happen, you ask? We are not focused solely on teaching the ambassadors; we are also focused on learning from them. We have also built a passionate community that is constantly providing insight and can quickly be mobilized. Our ambassadors program creates a two-way conversation that can perpetually inform other universities and the community at large. What is happening on college campuses? What can we learn from new groups that are being developed? What struggles are students having? How can we do a better job in uniting a diverse community and promoting a culture of knowledge-sharing & collaboration?

Check out these two profiles of Responsible Tech University Ambassadors:

"One of the biggest hurdles I faced when I was first trying to get involved in Responsible Tech was the lack of opportunities for students. Most of the opportunities I found at the time were geared toward mid- and late- career tech professionals, and there was no clear pipeline for students trying to launch a career in Responsible Technology. However, this has been changing a lot..." -Nitya Nadgir, Tufts University

"The largest barrier I faced in studying tech ethics was siloed departments. In order for ethics and technology students to be successful, they need to be able to study both ethics and technology. This seems obvious, but many universities have degree requirements that make it difficult to complete coursework that overlaps disciplines. In order for future leaders to be successful, university departments need to work together and offer cross disciplinary education." -Kaylyn Matis, George Mason University

👋Our refreshed Responsible Tech Guide (Responsible Tech Guide 2.0?) is coming out on September 13th!

Our flagship resource, the Responsible Tech Guide, just recently crossed 30k reads! Released last September, this has quickly become the go-to resource for new voices to learn about the nascent Responsible Tech ecosystem. To coincide with our Responsible Tech Summit, we are releasing our newly-updated and expanded Responsible Tech Guide soon!

“I have assigned the guide as required reading for a class I'm teaching to first-year Barnard students on Tech & Society: Good, Bad, and Other.  My students are both excited about the value and promise of technology, and very concerned about some of the ways it is being used and could be used in the future.  The guide will give them useful and actionable ideas about the many ways they might help shape a future of Responsible Tech.” -Rebecca Wright, Professor and Director, Computer Science, Barnard College

“I have used this guide to learn and educate colleagues on the various aspects of tech policy and responsible tech. It was great to see various professionals approach this space with varying backgrounds. There is no one way to get into tech policy, this guide does a great job of showing that.” -Pearlé Nwaezeigwe, Policy Manager- TikTok

The guide has been extremely useful in my personal career planning because of the number of interviews showcasing Responsible Tech Leaders. Seeing the diverse and unique career paths of  the featured leaders gave me more confidence in approaching the Responsible Tech Field in a way that preserved my own unique combinations of interests and passions. Additionally, the guide helped me learn about different organizations in the space and better understand the sub-fields which also helped me plan my future career steps.” -Ankita Joshi, Autonomous Vehicle Safety Engineer

👍 Thank you to everyone who participated in our ASK A MENTOR! with Savannah Badalich.

We learned a lot in our recent ASK A MENTOR! event with Savannah Badalich, the Policy Director at Discord. If you were unable to make the event, you can watch the video above. In addition, Andrew McAdams from our Responsible Tech Summer Cohort put together notes from the event that summarizes some of the key points from the discussion!

Our pilot Responsible Tech Mentorship program includes 220 mentees and 45 mentors. We are continuing to learn about additional improvements and tweaks, and aim to launch a full-scale mentorship program in 2022. If you are a values-aligned organization that would like to help with this rapidly-growing area that has a significant need, please reach out to us at Hello /

😀 Thank you to the over 80 individuals who joined us for our casual online Responsible Tech Mixer last week!

The reason why we are optimistic here at All Tech Is Human is because we have the joy of meeting such an eclectic mix of individuals from across the globe that are deeply committed to co-creating a better tech future. Thank you to everyone who showed up for our casual online mixer, where we broke off into 7 rooms for smaller discussions. We have been hearing all about the new connections people have made from the gathering, and will be planning future mixers. In addition, our Responsible Tech Summit on September 15th has been designed with connecting in mind!

🌴Our Slack group has now grown to 1700 individuals from across the globe.

We have been thrilled to witness such a rapid expansion with our Slack community, which was only launched last Thanksgiving. We recently created a channel for Celebrations, given all of the incredible achievements of the community. In addition, we recently starting a Law & Tech Policy channel and are looking to potentially create additional channels for specific areas of focus.

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💻Join us for a webinar on Responsible Tech: From Purpose to Practice on Tuesday, August 31st at 12 pm EDT.

Our friends at ThoughtWorks, which started incubating All Tech Is Human after we held our inaugural summit at their space in Manhattan, is holding an upcoming webinar to coincide with the release of their Responsible Tech Playbook. The webinar will include Sheryl Cababa, Chief design officer at Substantial who has been involved in previous All Tech Is Human projects, along with David Ryan Polgar (founder & director of All Tech Is Human), and Alexander Steinhart and Jeantine Mankelow from ThoughtWorks. For those of you who attended All Tech Is Human: NYC in November 2019, you may recall our pre-summit workshop that helped inform the Responsible Tech Playbook. If you are connected with a group looking for a workshop, reach out our way.

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🔋Never underestimate the power of community.

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