Responsible Tech Mixer, new Responsible Tech University Ambassadors Program & more!

+ our Responsible Tech Summit will be happening online on Wed, Sept 15th.

👋We want the bring people together. Attend our first Responsible Tech Mixer, a casual online gathering for those committed to co-creating a better tech future.

There is a diverse range of individuals across the globe, from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, that are committed to limiting the harms of technology, diversifying the tech pipeline, and ensuring that technology is aligned with the public interest. It is not always easy, however, to find one another. We are trying to change that with All Tech Is Human.

Group discussion from All Tech Is Human: Seattle. Held at Artefact.

Come join us on Wed, August 11th from 1:00 to 1:45pm ET for a casual online gathering of members of the Responsible Tech community. We will have a quick chat as a large group and then break off into smaller groups to get to know one another. The aim is to build greater community that leads to knowledge-sharing and collaboration. The issues we face with our tech future are complex and require that we have a broad range of voices involved.


📅Our online Responsible Tech Summit will happen on Wed, September 15th! TheBridge joins on as a partner.

Okay, we looked at our calendars and will be holding an online Responsible Tech Summit on Wednesday, September 15th from 10:30 am ET to 5pm ET. This won’t be your typical livestream, as we will be showcasing other organizations in the ecosystem, hearing from individuals that have recently started their career in Responsible Tech, have an overview of the careers in Responsible Tech, and hear from a diverse range of thought leaders with a few select panel discussions and lightning talks. Oh, and we will have plenty to time to get to know one another.

Would you like to be involved?! (Attendees, speakers, sponsors, etc). Let us know through our interest form. An official event page and registration will launch soon.


We are thrilled to announce that TheBridge, which has been our partner for our livestream series, will be a partner on the upcoming Responsible Tech Summit! TheBridge is breaking down silos & building community across tech, policy and politics. Check out an earlier conversation that Allie Brandenburger, co-founder and CEO of TheBridge, had with the FCC’s Jessica Rosenworcel at All Tech Is Human: San Francisco in September 2019 (held at ThoughtWorks).

🎓Are you a college or grad student who wants to helps others at your university get involved in Responsible Tech? Join our Responsible Tech University Ambassadors program!

Ever since we held our first gathering in Manhattan in the Fall of 2018 for All Tech Is Human, we have noticed that college and grad students are heavily interested in the nascent Responsible Tech space. The problem, however, is that this passion needs a pathway into the ecosystem in order to fully bring in the many new voices that should be involved in how technology is developed and deployed.

We have received quite a few requests from students at universities across the country and globe that would like to assist others in getting plugged into the larger movement. Is this you?If so, we’d love to have you as part of this new program that seeks to better share knowledge and bring in new voices. Join HERE.

Responsible Tech University Ambassadors

🙋‍♀️Our next ASK A MENTOR! is Wed, August 4th at 1pm ET with Savannah Badalich, Policy Director at Discord.

There is a major need and desire to learn how the people working in Responsible Tech built their career. What was their education journey? What hurdles did they have along the way? What advice do they have for others looking to have a similar career?

join us for ASK A MENTOR! on Aug 4th

🤔Want to build a better tech future? Work in it. Our Responsible Tech Job Board is growing.

Here at All Tech Is Human, we are focused on building the Responsible Tech pipeline. Why, you ask? Because we deeply believe that we can change our tech future for the better by changing the types of individuals involved in the process of how technology is developed and deployed. We need all types of backgrounds and all types of perspectives. We need not only problem-solvers, but problem-finders.

Our Responsible Tech Job Board is a unique space of curated positions focused on limiting the harms of technology, diversifying the tech pipeline, and ensuring that technology is aligned with the public interest. In the coming weeks, you will see some major improvements as we put increasingly attention on assisting individuals find entry-level roles and fellowships in Responsible Tech, alongside the junior and senior roles. Do you have a role we should know about? Write to Rebekah / and/or tag Rebekah on LinkedIn.

Check out the Responsible Tech Job Board

🤯Some new roles posted this week…

  • Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society is hiring an Institute Director “to lead an ambitious, newly launched, three-year “pop-up” Institute for “Rebooting Social Media.” Based at the Berkman Klein Center, the Institute will convene world-class talent from academia, industry, and the public sector to improve the future of social media and online communication.”

  • The Tech Talent Project is hiring for multiple roles, such as Chief of Staff, Research Associate, and a couple of internships.

  • New_Public is hiring for a Partnerships and Operations Lead that will “be responsible for managing the day to day operations of New_ Public as well as cultivating relationships with our partners.”

  • The Center for Democracy & Technology is hiring a Research Fellow. “The Fellow will design and lead research projects that examine, for example, meaningful transparency on social networking services, automated content moderation, or recommender systems and media pluralism.”

  • And roles from Twitter (Head of Site Integrity, Americas), Spotify (ML & NLP Research Scientists, Algorithmic Impact & Responsibility), Facebook (Program Manager II, Responsible Innovation), Georgetown Ethics Lab (Assistant Research Professor in design / creative pedagogy), Article One Advisors (Responsible Innovation Manager), Harvard Kennedy School (Program Manager, Public Interest Technology Lab - Shorenstein Center) and more!

📝Notes from the Responsible Tech community

  • Our friends over at NYU’s A BETTER TECH: Public Interest Technology Convention & Career Fair (happening online October 14th & 15th) have a newsletter for those interested in learning more about this exciting upcoming event.

  • Impact Labs is organizing its Impact Summit (free) for August 12-14! “A gathering of talented and passionate students and early-career technologists from around the world to connect with one another, hear from expert speakers, learn new skills, and discover exciting opportunities.”

  • Digital Void, which explores the gap in common understanding of digital culture, media, and technology, is holding a live event in NYC on August 17th called The Meme in the Moment Festival. “The Meme in the Moment is a festival of memes with the internet’s most critical, fun, and engaging meme thinkers. We’re bringing together academics, journalists, and speakers to help us understand how memes influence our daily lives, how memes travel from the internet into physical spaces, how we can speak about them in our daily lives, and how we can strengthen our cultural immune response to memes at a moment where memes are central to discourse.”

  • The Silicon Harlem Virtual Summit is a free event that happens on October 22nd!

    “Since learning about Silicon Harlem in 2018, I have been inspired and impressed at the work they do gathering the best minds, hands and boots on the ground to help bring connectivity to all communities, and are making New York's historically Black neighborhood of Harlem a place where tech is learned by our youth, discussed by our community, and businesses are grown. After attending Silicon Harlem's annual offline and then virtual conferences every year since 2018, I am truly humbled to be able to actually be part of their 2021 Virtual Summit, hosting a panel of amazing experts on ethics, technology and AI.” -Ken Granderson, Founder and CTO,

  • A new group has launched called More Than Meets the AI

    “More Than Meets the AI is a new collective that seeks to address the way AI research is funded, prioritized, conducted, and deployed on marginalized communities. I started this project a little under a year ago so it's quite new, and we are still building our network. This year we are organizing a series of workshops on AI ethics aimed at college/undergraduate/graduate students both in STEM/Tech and social science fields - to bridge the gap! The team will be made up of folks from industry, students, and leading academics. The goal is to approach AI/ML/Deep Learning from an social impact perspective and train the new generation of people working at the intersection of tech/society and highlight the potential risks of AI as well as the potentials it has to serve underserved communities rather than render them more vulnerable to algorithmic harms.” -Lilia Brahimi

🤖Sometimes we get bummed thinking about our tech future. But then we meet a bunch of new individuals committed to aligning tech with our values and we feel instantly better*.

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