Speakers announced for our Responsible Tech Summit

Mentorship program, Responsible Tech University Ambassadors, improved job board, and more!

🤯We’re blown away by the people who reached out about our Responsible Tech Summit. Here are the speakers & attendees…

Our whole goal here at All Tech Is Human is to unite a diverse range of stakeholders in order to have a holistic approach to tackling tough tech issues. In other words, the issues around speech online, reducing misinformation, algorithmic bias and more requires voices from multiple backgrounds and perspectives coming together to co-create a better tech future. Aligning tech with the public interest requires a broad range of the public to be involved! That’s what we’re built for here.

So far, we have been getting an incredible array of individuals across civil society, government, academia, and industry as attendees for the upcoming Responsible Tech Summit on Wed, September 15th. We are using the platform Hopin, which allows you to start connecting with attendees BEFORE the event. By joining the summit, you’ll be in the same virtual room as people from Microsoft, Salesforce, Discord, Bumble, Blizzard, Facebook, TikTok, Amazon, Center for Human Technology, World Economic Forum, IEEE, multiple governmental agencies and NGOs, and a good mix of universities from across the globe. We are on pace to have over 1k attendees.

Check out the event page to see the schedule and our list of speakers!! The day is structured for a significant time to get to connect with the community, four panels, five org presentations, two Responsible Tech journeys, an overview of the ecosystem, and learnings from our projects (mentorship program, large Slack group, University Ambassadors, working groups). We couldn’t do this without our wonderful partner TheBridge, and we couldn’t make it free for attendees without the sponsorship of Avanade.

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🙏 We’d love your help spreading the word! Do you know of people who should be at the Responsible Tech Summit? Send them over our event page and/or share the LinkedIn event page for the summit!

🔎We’re looking for a few additional Responsible Tech University Ambassadors! We now have student leaders from over 40 universities involved in our new program to help bring in new voices into Responsible Tech & learn about the fabulous work being done at universities across the globe.

All Tech Is Human is focused on piecing together the people, orgs, and ideas of the Responsible Tech movement. We have been in touch with numerous college, grad, and law students that are doing incredible work promoting Responsible Tech at their respective university, and we’re looking to extend these learnings to the community. Read our profile interview with Joanne Kim, one of our Responsible Tech University Ambassadors!

University Ambassadors INTEREST FORM

"I would encourage other students to ask uncomfortable questions and consistently self-evaluate. For example, is any of their work in conflict with their personal morals? Or, what values does the organization they work for uphold? These moments of self-reflection and awareness are critical for becoming a more engaged member of the Responsible Tech community and for individually developing as people and professionals." -Joanne Kim, co-president at Duke Ethical Tech

👍We are learning a tremendous amount from our pilot Responsible Tech Mentorship Program.

After receiving over 300 submissions to participate in our pilot mentorship program, we spent a great deal of time learning from the community about typical pain points and ways to bring new voices into the Responsible Tech ecosystem and provide guidance and mentorship. We have paired about 220 mentees with over 40 mentors in our program, and good things are starting to happen! Relationships are being built, knowledge is being gained, and pathways are being paved.

“I just wanted to let you know that I was just reflecting on such a wonderful group mentorship meeting I attended this morning. Thank you SO MUCH to you and your team for organizing that! It is fantastic to feel like I am a larger part of a connected movement where technical professionals are finally meeting across the world to do something about this! It's a dream come true. The connections I made today were inspiring to say the least. Our mentor, Sundar, was so organized and inspiring, and the women in my group were equally wonderful to meet. I can't wait to meet as a group again! I'm so grateful to have discovered your organization or I would have regretted missing this opportunity!” -Michelle G. Scott, Ethical Design Advisor

✨We have greatly improved our Responsible Tech Job Board, including new filtering features!

We asked for your feedback on how to improve our job board, which is a unique space for curated roles focused on reducing the harms of technology, diversifying the tech pipeline, and ensuring that technology is aligned with the public interest. The community overwhelmingly requested greater search features, so we switched over to a platform (Airtable) which allows for sorting based on regions/remote, experience level, field, and salary (when available). Check it out! And if you know of any roles that should be listed, you can submit them directly through this form.

Check out the new job board!

🧮 There are a lot of students and professors on our Slack group, so we added a University Corner channel.

Our Slack community is now approaching 1800 members from a variety of backgrounds from across the globe. We have been receiving multiple requests to better unite the many universities that are on our Slack, so we have created a University Corner to promote greater knowledge-sharing & collaboration across universities.

We have had conversations recently with a few universities looking to partner up with our non-profit, so please reach out at Hello / AllTechIsHuman.org to chat.

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📝Notes from the Responsible Tech community

👋Get involved! Five-year National Science Foundation grant exploring the effects of culture and education on technology ethics

Technology is evermore cross-cultural and international, resulting in potential conflicts about (in)appropriate courses of action across countries and cultures. To address these issues, researchers from Colorado School of Mines, University of Pittsburgh, Delft University of Technology, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University will explore the effects of culture and education on the ethical perspectives of engineers in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Understanding these influences is essential to develop training that addresses the kinds of challenges practitioners and organizations will increasingly encounter. The team is looking for industry partners, to help understand the ethical commitments of stakeholders and develop training for the next generation of responsible innovators.

To discuss opportunities, please contact Rockwell F. Clancy, Research Assistant Professor, Colorado School of Mines, rfclancy / mines.edu. Learn more about the project, “Responsible Engineering Across Cultures,” here.

🤝Headstream is running a first-of-its-kind program for changemakers at social media, video game, and messaging companies to collaborate directly with a cohort of seven young leaders from Headstream’s Youth 2 Innovator (Y2I) community.

They are seeking product managers, UX researchers, designers, marketing experts, and trust and safety professionals who are passionate about building technologies for young people with young people. The Collab Lab is a two-month program that will equip tech professionals with the tools to effectively integrate young people into your work. The time commitment is an average of one hour per week for two months starting September 15th.

Email puja.butail / secondmuse.com to schedule a 5-10 minute chat to learn more. 

💡We’re busy building the Responsible Tech pipeline; making it more diverse, multidisciplinary, and aligned with the public interest. If you have a bright idea about how we can continue expanding our work, we’d love to hear it.

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