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🤯Tech Isn’t Just a Tool & Humans Aren’t Just Users.

Join us this Thursday at 3pm ET (12pm PT) for a panel discussion that features four previous All Tech Is Human speakers! The conversation is being moderated by Carey Jenkins (CEO of Substantial) who spoke at All Tech Is Human: San Francisco in Sept 2019, Renee Cummings (Data Activist in Residence at the University of Virginia) who spoke at our inaugural livestream on AI surveillance and ethics, Raina Kumra (Managing Partner at The Fund LA) who joined us for our livestream on Unintended Consequences, Tech Ethics, & Human-Centered Design, and the founder of All Tech Is Human, David Ryan Polgar, who has been pushing for “no application without representation” and evolving past treating people on platforms as “users.”

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👋The next Responsible Tech Working Group meeting is on Monday, May 10th at 12pm ET.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Monday for our kickoff meeting to help revise and expand our flagship resource, the Responsible Tech Guide! The Responsible Tech Guide has become the go-to resource for the diverse range of individuals looking to learn about the nascent Responsible Tech ecosystem. Our Responsible Tech Working Group will be examining ways to add greater clarity for new voices looking to get involved, career profiles, education journey, job descriptions, advice, organizations in the space, and more! Our next meeting is on Monday, May 10th at 12pm ET.

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🎤Join us this Thursday for a US Department of State event on Responsible Tech! We’re also speaking at NATO…

This event will feature break-out room discussions on Responsible Tech, demos from Responsible Tech entrepreneurs, a kick-off talk on the urgency of Responsible Tech, and a panel discussion that features All Tech Is Human founder David Ryan Polgar alongside Yael Eisenstat (Future of Democracy Fellow at the Berggruen Institute, previous speaker at our ethical tech summit and livestream on Section 230). You can read about the event and the agenda HERE and add the event directly to your calendar HERE.

All Tech Is Human will also be represented at an upcoming NATO event happening on May 7th, speaking on a panel for Living Smart with AI, Big Data & Emerging and Disruptive Technologies. We’ll be incorporating everything we have learned from being a connective tissue between civil society, government, and industry.

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👍We now have 285 people in our Responsible Tech Mentorship Program!

This week we will be reaching out to all of our mentees to have a look at some of the incredible people who have reached out to be mentors! After making preferences, we will begin playing matchmaker between mentors and mentees.

If you are looking for mentorship or looking to mentor others, we would love to have you join! There is a lot in the pipeline for this program, including an upcoming mentorship livestream series that will give those looking for guidance into the field to ask questions directly. In addition, we are compiling our learnings to then push back out to the Responsible Tech community.

Responsible Tech Mentorship Program

👉Our Slack group now has over 1.2k members that are discussing careers, events, research, and more!

If you need a dose of hope, just read through our introduction channel on our Slack group which is filled with such a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives from across the globe. People are connecting with one another, hatching new projects, postings about fellowships and jobs, and much more.

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🙋 Stay tuned for a return of our livestream series with TheBridge.

Since Covid made everything remote, we were fortunate to be able to build a livestream series that has featured Safiya Noble, Clare Wardle, Meredith Broussard, Yael Eisenstat, Jasmine McNealy, Kate Klonick, Charlton McIlwain, Mutale Nkonde, Dipayan Ghosh, Sarah T. Roberts, Rumman Chowdhury, Clara Tsao, Timnit Gebru, Nora Benavidez, Reid Blackman, Renee Cummings, and more! Woah.

You can watch every livestream HERE. You can also find curated resources and a podcast for each discussion through our partnership with The Radical AI Podcast with the Continue the Conversation series!

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😺 We can change our tech future by changing who is involved in building it. Yeah, that means you.

We’re building the Responsible Tech pipeline, making it more diverse, multidisciplinary, and aligned with the public interest.

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