The Responsible Tech University Summit is happening December 1st!

Thank you to the over 1k attendees from 60 countries that joined us on September 15th. Watch videos from the summit below!

👋We’re organizing a Responsible Tech University Summit on December 1st and would love to have you involved!

🤯We were blown away by the response to our Responsible Tech Summit we held on September 15th. 1222 registered attendees from 60 countries, and our networking feature led to 321 one-on-one conversations between a diverse range of individuals committed to co-creating a better tech future. But did you think we’d kick back and rest on our laurels? Nah. There is still so much community-building to be done! Also, we are based in Manhattan and work with the song Empire State of Mind playing on repeat.

📅So on Wed, December 1st we will be organizing a large-scale Responsible Tech University Summit. This exciting virtual event will showcase the incredible progress being made on college campuses across the globe, provide helpful insight and resources, promote greater knowledge-sharing & collaboration, and showcase the education journeys of some prominent individuals working in Responsible Tech. Right now we are looking for panelists, org presenters, university partners, media, community partners, sponsors, and more. Reach out our way through our interest form!

And while this event is showcasing student activism, university program, and education journeys, it is open (and free) for anyone to attend. Similar to our recent summit, there will be lots of opportunities to connect with one another!

Responsible Tech University Summit page


Responsible Tech University Ambassadors. TOP ROW, from left to right: Nayun Eom, Nitya Nadgir, Marietjie Botes, Muhammad Kanzia Hibaturrahman. BOTTOM ROW, from left to right: Joanne Kim, Robert "Bobby" Zipp, Vivian Chong, Kaylyn Matis.

🎓Our Responsible Tech University Ambassadors program is growing! We now have 49 universities represented.

All Tech Is Human is a non-profit committed to building the Responsible Tech pipeline; making it more diverse, multidisciplinary, and aligned with the public interest. In order to build the pipeline, our organization is actively focused on three key areas: PEOPLE (diverse range of people from various backgrounds needing pathways into the field), EDUCATION, and INDUSTRY (inside change, outside pressure and research, and alternative models).

Our Responsible Tech University Ambassadors is a new program focused on cultivating student leaders able to provide assistance for other students at their university interested in Responsible Tech, and to better understand the needs and happenings on college campuses across the globe. By creating a network, we will be able to better equip students to connect with other students (across disciplines and universities), and also to highlight incredible initiatives and new student groups that can serve as a springboard for more positive change.

We recently asked the Responsible Tech University Ambassadors WHY they are involved in the Responsible Tech movement. Here are just a few (read the rest)

“Developing and thinking about responsible tech and its associated communities is critical for making technology more accessible and for continuing the dialogue on how our systemic biases can play into the production of emerging technologies. With all this in mind, I have become passionate about creating Responsible tech communities which are accessible, engaging, and inclusive so that we all may be able to use and create technologies that are safe and accommodating.” -Joanne Kim, Duke University

“Everyone should have a say when it comes to the technologies that govern their lives.” -Jessica Ji, Georgetown University

"I’m interested in building a better tech future because it feels like meaningful work and I’ll have to live in it! I have grown up seeing how technology makes people more and more disconnected from the world, their communities, and each other, and I want to do my part to help reverse that.” -Abigail Broscius, Rochester Institute of Technology

“I study the prevalence of, and factors associated with belief in, online harms such as misinformation. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, anti-vaccine misinformation has surged on social media platforms, creating pressing and multi-layered challenges for society and democracy. As a social scientific researcher, I believe that building a better tech future requires developing multi-disciplinary, nuanced, and evidence-based frameworks and approaches for tackling online harms.” -Cassidy Bereskin, University of Oxford

📺 In our last newsletter we told you to read our 226-page Responsible Tech Guide. So as a gift, here are a bunch of videos from our Responsible Tech Summit. Nerd out with popcorn🍿

You can find a full overview of the recent Responsible Tech Summit, along with all of the key takeaways and resources mentioned, on our site here.

📰And check out this article from the San Francisco Examiner that showcasing how All Tech Is Human is changing the tech industry by diversifying the tech pipeline! It features interviews with four individuals from our community.

💰Our Responsible Tech Job Board keeps on expanding and has new searchable features.

Prior to launching our Responsible Tech Job Board, we heard from many of you about how difficult it was to locate emerging roles focused on reducing the harms of technology, diversifying the tech pipeline, and ensuring that technology is aligned with the public interest. So we created one and keep on improving it based on your feedback. Check out the latest post about new roles recently added, along with roles expiring soon.

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💃Can’t stop, won’t stop. Let’s co-create a better tech future.

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