The tech industry needs problem-finders.

We don't just need to think differently. We need to hire differently. That's where All Tech Is Human comes in...

🤦🏾‍♀️Tech leaders have been surprised by the “unintended consequences of technology.”

Here at All Tech Is Human, we believe we can build a better tech future by changing the types of people involved in the process. Why is this important? The tech industry has overindexed on trying to solve currently known problems, but the real need is in finding currently unknown problems.

We don’t just need to think differently. The tech industry needs to hire differently. We need more problem-finders.

The reason why our organization is focused on building the Responsible Tech pipeline; making it more diverse, multidisciplinary, and aligned with the public interest, is because none of the “unintended consequences” that have occurred in recent years have surprised the broad range of people sitting on the sidelines who want to be involved in the process of how technology is developed and deployed. In other words, we are disrupting the tech pipeline in order to make it better equipped to handle the range of ways that technology impacts all of us.

🤗We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with the PIT Policy Lab out of Mexico City!

The PIT Policy Lab brings together individuals and organizations across sectors to explore the intersection of Public Interest Technology and agile policymaking. Today, we are excited to announce that we will be joining forces with them through a strategic partnership to promote and bring visibility to diverse voices in the tech space!

👋 We want to feature YOU in our upcoming revised Responsible Tech Guide!

How would you describe your background and WHY you are involved in the Responsible Tech movement in 1-2 sentences? In our flagship resource, the Responsible Tech Guide, we highlight the diverse backgrounds involved in building a better tech future. There are artists, designers, advocates, technologists, students, attorneys, psychologists, sociologists, and everyone in between. This is a good thing! Technology affects everyone, so it behooves us to have more people involved in the process of how it is developed and deployed. In 2021, technology is intertwined with democracy.

Our expanded and updated Responsible Tech Guide will be arriving in September 2021 and we’d love to highlight the diverse mix of involvement. Since our founding in 2018 with our inaugural “ethical tech summit” in NYC, people have been constantly surprised by just how many groups are interested in Responsible Tech (“tech” is not just for technologists) and looking to get more involved.

Tell us about your background!

✏️The next Responsible Tech Working Group meeting is Monday, June 7th at 12pm ET. Join us!

Who should be profile in the Responsible Tech Guide? How can we better provide guidance for new voices to enter the ecosystem? Join our collaborative group that is helping craft the go-to resource for the people, organizations, and ideas of the Responsible Tech movement.

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🤯We are building out our Responsible Tech Mentorship program and will be making over 1k new mentorship relationships in our pilot program.

Our organization is busy sifting through the significant amount of interest we have received for our inaugural Responsible Tech Mentorship Program. 220 mentees have selected up to 5 (our of our 46 total) mentors to be matched up with, and we are now in the process of reaching out to our mentors before making over 1k new relationships!

💰Want to build a better tech future? Work in it! We keep adding new roles weekly for those committed to reducing the harms of technology and ensuring it is aligned with the public interest.

Responsible Tech Job Board

👍Some incredible happenings in the Responsible Tech community.

*Launched on Juneteenth of 2020, the Tech Chaplaincy Institute is celebrating its one-year anniversary! Come celebrate with them. “The Tech Chaplaincy Institute is grateful to have journeyed alongside over 50 faith communities, mission-driven organizations, and individuals in the past year helping folks replace fear and anxiety around technology with empowerment,” says founder Shamika Klassen. “We teach and train people with their technology, especially software, social media, and websites, using the best practices of pastoral care and chaplaincy. This Juneteenth, we celebrate our first year as an organization. On Saturday, June 19th at 12pm MDT, we invite you to join us as we mark the occasion and reflect on the journey. Participants will hear "techstimonials" from people who have journeyed with a Tech Chaplain and there will also be fun and games!”

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*One of our Slack members, Lauren Keegan, has launched a Tech Ethics Research Cohort! "I founded the Tech Ethics Research Cohort with the intention of giving accessible tech ethics research opportunities to those who may not have them, and to foster a truly interdisciplinary, mixed-methods research team that holds the public good in the highest esteem. I value the diversity of perspectives and backgrounds both of people in the industry and people looking to enter it. Including these perspectives is essential to avoiding homogeneity of thought and creating the future we want to see. I’m excited to see the cohort grow and thrive wherever our research takes us, and to make a positive impact on our tech-driven society."

Join the Tech Ethics Research Cohort

*Slack member Jenn Noinaj helped launch a new group, Technologists for the Public Good. Technologists for the Public Good is a professional association powering the people who are reimagining how the government serves the public. They're holding a town hall on Wednesday, June 9th at 5p ET and inviting folks to help create and shape this community! “As this field grows, we recognize the need to connect with others doing this work, to share knowledge and best practices, and to foster collaboration and partnerships,” says Jenn Noinaj. “At the town hall, we’ll share updates on the organization so far and gather input from the community to help create and shape it further.”

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🚀This rocket ship of Responsible Tech is taking off…join us for the ride and help us steer.

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