Upcoming livestream! Reducing Gender-Based Violence Online

Our next livestream is Wed, May 19th at 12pm ET on Improving Social Media: Reducing Gender-Based Violence Online

👋Our livestream series returns on Wed, May 19th at 12pm ET. Join us for a highly-interactive conversation with your questions.

How do we reduce gender-based violence online and create a better overall social media environment? We will be joined by Azmina Dhrodia (Senior Policy Manager on Gender and Data Rights at the Web Foundation) and Dhanaraj Thakur (Research Director at the Center for Democracy & Technology). Azmina Dhrodia was interviewed for our report, Improving Social Media: The People, Organizations and Ideas for a Better Tech Future.

This conversation is part of our monthly livestream series with All Tech Is Human and TheBridge. Recent guests have included Safiya Noble, Yael Eisenstat, Dipayan Ghosh, Sarah T. Roberts, Mutale Nkonde, Claire Wardle, Charlton McIlwain, Kate Klonick, Timnit Gebru, Meredith Broussard and many more. This conversation will be moderated by David Ryan Polgar, founder of All Tech Is Human and a member of TikTok's Content Advisory Council. The livestream will be recorded for those who can’t participate live (and for use in classrooms, etc). In addition, a follow-up podcast and curated resources will be supplied by the Radical AI Podcast! (Check out the Continue the Conversation series.)

Check out our previous conversation HERE and also on our playlist. And if you have a suggestion for an event and/or speaker, drop us a line at Hello / AllTechIsHuman.org

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🔭Last call for Responsible Tech Mentors. Join our mentorship program to help guide new voices into the ecosystem!

We have had an overwhelming amount of interest in our recently-launched Responsible Tech Mentorship Program, with 265 individuals seeking mentorships and 42 individuals looking to offer guidance. We have mentors from the BBC, Netflix, Discord, Politico and more located in the US, Canada, UK, Switzerland, South Africa, India, New Zealand, Australia and more. It is a diverse mix, which is exactly our intention.

The Responsible Tech movement has a broad range of perspectives and ways to influence reducing the harms of tech (and being aligned with the public interest), so we are intentionally creating a system that welcomes and encourages various disciplines and backgrounds that will work at startups, advocacy organizations, large tech companies, media companies, and more.

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📚Vote today for the next book to be read for the Responsible Tech Discussion Group!

Grace Juster and Felicia Chen have developed the Responsible Tech Discussion Group on our Slack and are currently voting on the next book. The group previously read Algorithms of Oppression (Safiya Noble) and Weapons of Math Destruction (Cathy O’Neil).

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💻Our Slack group has some new channels: gender and tech, privacy and security, teaching ethical tech, and a new section for asks/offers.

“The new gender-and-tech channel will host a a vibrant conversation about how gender plays into the design, marketing, and security of all kinds of tech including IoT, data, online spaces, AI, apps, and more,” writes Toby Shulruff, who is heading up this new channel. If you would like to join, just ping Toby on Slack.

If you would like to join the new privacy and security channel, please ping Katy Wills on Slack.

If you would like to join the new channel for those teaching tech ethics, reach out to Cat Daar.

Also! As our Slack group has grown to over 1.2k members 🤯, we have noticed a need to directly match up those looking to offer something to the community (such as volunteering, research, guidance) with community members that may have specific asks. We have a global community across civil society, government, and industry that is looking for greater knowledge-sharing and collaboration. We had an Ask/Offer wall at our inaugural ethical tech summit in NYC in the Fall of 2018 and are looking to expand the concept to a global audience online.

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